Love Your Skeletons

Many years ago, I acquired some excellent skeletons in my closet — things in my past that I never wanted to see the light of day! After some time spent thinking about it all, I wrote a book to share some of the insights on how to handle these messy, embarrassing or shameful situations.

Emotional stew, anyone? When we think of our skeletons, we often experience an overwhelming emotional mix. We have addressed some of these feelings already, such as shame and fear. One we haven’t talked about much yet is anger. Do you ever feel like you’re smouldering? Or like a ticking bomb? You may feel like it possesses you, making you into a different person. You may be angry:

  • about what happened to you.
  • at yourself.
  • because life is different now (anger/resentment).
  • because you are extremely frustrated about your current circumstances.
  • because you don’t know how else to deal with the pain.

Just like any other emotion, anger can be overcome, decreased and brought back into balance using intentional thinking and staying in the present.

Chapter 19, Love Your Skeletons

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