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Tiny Books on Big Ideas

Like Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now," Teresa's series of Tiny Books on New Ideas introduce radical perspectives on the universe.

York Boat Captain - 18 Life-Changing Days on the Peace River

For 18 days, we lived like Yorkmen. We rowed and sailed our way down the ribbon of water, having stepped back in time and into the moccasins of 19th century fur traders.

Love Your Skeletons

This insightful book walks you through the skills and thought patterns that will help you best overcome skeletons from your past - anything that you're embarrassed or ashamed about.

About Me

I draw inspiration from nature and love sharing stories from my life on a small farm in Canada.

Some Photography

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Purple Pasqueflowers
along the Mackenzie River
Leaves falling along
a road at Hutch Lake
The view from a deHavilland
Beaver near Fort Simpson
Sunlight shining
through cattails near Fort Vermilion
York Boat along
the Peace River
The tips of my
showshoes... which I love
Bumble bee
along the Hay River
The Nepali coast
of Hawaii

Some Reviews

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  • Jun, 8

    Where the Real Juice is

    Thanks for wandering over to my blog, but I have to tell ya — I do most of my blogging of ideas, projects and random stuff over on my main blog here. That’s where the real juice is. See you over there! -Teresa

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    May, 10

    Father’s Day Mini-Golf Tournament

    Hello everyone! I am please to announce the first-ever-that-I-know-of This is a fundraising golf tournament for True Patriot Love. As you may have read on my now page, I have been involved with True Patriot Love for several months, fundraising to support veterans and military families. I snowshoed 100 km on Baffin Island — to […]

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  • Jul, 11


    Whatever brought you here, I’m glad you came! I’ve been writing for a long time — in several blogs which led to books and even a series of books. This website is meant to direct you to my various projects, books and help you get to know me better! Since I do most of my […]

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