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  • Where the Real Juice is

    Where the Real Juice is

    Thanks for wandering over to my blog, but I have to tell ya — I do most of my blogging of ideas, projects and random stuff over on my main blog here. That’s where the real juice is. See you over there! -Teresa

  • Father’s Day Mini-Golf Tournament

    Hello everyone! I am please to announce the first-ever-that-I-know-of This is a fundraising golf tournament for True Patriot Love. As you may have read on my now page, I have been involved with True Patriot Love for several months, fundraising to support veterans and military families. I snowshoed 100 km on Baffin Island — to […]

  • Welcome!

    Whatever brought you here, I’m glad you came! I’ve been writing for a long time — in several blogs which led to books and even a series of books. This website is meant to direct you to my various projects, books and help you get to know me better! Since I do most of my […]